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Tattoo Removal services offered in Houston, TX

Over time, you might lose appreciation for a tattoo because it’s fallen out of style or doesn’t represent your personality anymore. Fortunately, you can remove a tattoo with laser tattoo removal at Restoria in Houston, Texas. The team examines your tattoo and can predict the approximate number of sessions you’ll need for full or partial removal. Learn more about laser tattoo removal by scheduling an appointment over the phone or online at Restoria today.

Tattoo Removal Q&A

What is tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal is a service that takes off unwanted tattoos. Removing them with laser energy is possible, but it typically takes multiple sessions. 


Laser energy breaks down the ink in a tattoo into tiny particles of pigment that your lymphatic system naturally flushes out. The ink of a tattoo absorbs the heat of the laser, with different colors absorbing different wavelengths. Black ink absorbs all laser wavelengths so it tends to be the easiest color to treat. However, you can remove tattoos regardless of the colors or size. 


You can have a tattoo removed entirely or go through a few sessions to lighten the ink enough to cover the tattoo with a new one. 

How long does tattoo removal take?

The time and number of sessions it takes to remove a tattoo with a laser depends on several factors, including the tattoo’s:


  • Size
  • Color 
  • Location
  • Depth
  • Age


It’s possible to remove some tattoos in as few as three treatments, but you may need more than that. Your provider at Restoria examines your tattoo during your consultation and can predict the approximate number of sessions you’ll need. You need to wait for six to eight weeks between sessions to allow some time for your skin to heal and some of the ink to disappear. 

What should I expect during a tattoo removal session?

When you come to Restoria for a laser tattoo removal session, your provider gives you a protective pair of glasses to shield your eyes from the laser, which can harm them. Your provider may test the laser on a small section of skin to decide how much energy to use. 


A treatment takes just minutes. Laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable, so Restoria may offer you topical anesthesia to help you avoid or minimize discomfort. 


When the treatment is over, your provider covers the treated area with a bandage. The provider may also apply an antibiotic ointment. If you experience irritation after laser tattoo removal, you may calm your skin with an ice pack. 


Find out how long it will take to remove your least favorite tattoo by scheduling a tattoo removal consultation over the phone or online at Restoria today.